Beef w Broccoli
  -- Sliced beef with broccoli and brown sauce
Kung Pao Beef
  -- Sliced beef with green onion ,garlic , hot chili peppers, with kungpao sauce, peanuts on top
Pepper Steak
  -- Sliced beef with bell pepper, onion, and brown sauce
Beef w Asparagus
  -- Asparagus, carrot, with sliced beef, and brown sauce
Beef w Mix VEG
  -- Sliced beef with fresh mushroom, staw mushroom, broccoli, snow pea, fresh garlic, baby corn, water chesnut, carrot, cabage, green onion, and white sauce
Beef w Hunan Style
  -- Sliced beef with broccoli, water chestnut, baby corn, bell pepper, staw mushroom, snow pea, and black bean sauce
Mongolian Beef
  -- Sliced beef with jalepeno, onion, and green onion
Beef w Indian Pepper
  -- Sliced beef with indian pepper, garlic bolt, and cilantro
Beef With Mushrooms
  -- Mushrooms, carrot, snow pea, water chestnut, and sliced beef with brown sauce
Beef Szechuan Style
  -- Shredded beef with shredded carrot, celery, green onion, stir fried with soy sauce and hot chili sauce (dry)
Orange Beef
  -- Sliced beef deep fried with broccoli, green onion, and sweet and spicy sauce
Sesame Beef
  -- Sliced beef deep fried with broccoli, green onion, and sweet sesame sauce
Teriyaki Beef
  -- Slice beef stir fried with fresh mushroom,green onion on top, teriyaki sauce
Beef String Bean
  -- Shredded beef with shredded ginger, string bean and brown sauce
Ma Pu To Fu
Beef with Snow Peas
  -- Slice beef with snow peas & carrot with brown sauce
Special Request: (Ex: Add Chicken $2.00)
Additional Charge for "Extra" or "Add-On" (Call for detail)